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Welcome to my small hidden corner for archiving my fan fiction and random stories of the Ace Attorney universe. Here you'll be finding all my written works based on this fantastic gaming franchise. I hope you enjoy your stay. =)

Just keep one thing in mind: not all of these follow the same universe, as you'll clearly notice when you read them — some of them overlap, and screw with some established facts like you wouldn't believe. =p But hey, all's fair in the name of fun, isn't it? =D

Last Update: Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Sh1k1's Collection

Dear Daddy...
- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: "Dear Daddy, it's been seven years since I came to live here with you. Until now I didn't know how to express what I felt when you told me you were going to adopt me as your daughter. Now I do."

- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: Maya can't sleep, and asks Phoenix to do something to fix that... So he decides to sing something for her to fall asleep.

Something About Us
- Rating: T for Teen
- Description: Phoenix reflects on his life with Maya, and finds himself to be unwittingly accepting and happy... And when they share once more their love in one of those nights, all they need to mutually open their souls to each other is just an old, quiet love song.

- Rating: T for Teen
- Description: Mia Fey feels inexplicably depressed, and calls upon her young apprentice Phoenix to keep her some company over drinks. The conversation and circumstances get a little more personal than he'd have expected, but he still feels that he can do something for his friend and colleague. But no one could prepare either of them for what would happen the very next day.

Of Papa, Mama, Christmas, love and many other unsaid feelings
- Rating: M for Mature
- Description: It's been a while after the initial Jurist System trial. Trucy wants Maya to be her live-in "mommy", but Maya says she can't... Why exactly can't she, what can a young magician do to "fix" this situation?

- Rating: PG-13
- Description: Today is the anniversary of Mia's passing. Maya goes to pay her respects, and Phoenix accompanies her. Yet the amount of emotions swelling up in Maya's chest are about to make her explode.

Our little secret
- Rating: M for Mature
- Description: Phoenix and Maya have been dating and sleeping together for some time now, but no one knows about this. One day, Phoenix gets a "distressed" message from his secret girlfriend, and rushes to her to satisfy her needs... But for some reason, even after Phoenix's argued about it, Maya's still reluctant to make public her relationship with her spike-haired lover.

Murder me?
- Rating: PG-13
- Description: After the events that transpired in State VS Iris, Phoenix finds himself working in another case. He just has one small little bad habit: when things go wrong, he gets VERY angry. And anger leads to taking sudden decisions... Which are all the more significant when taken under oath.

True Lies, Lying Truths, and the Blind Spot In-Between
- Rating: M for Mature; highly explicit sexual references
- Description: Some time after State VS Misham, Maya finds herself the Master of Kurain village and with a very enjoyable love life along Phoenix. However, the sheer amount of things she has to be in charge of is very stressing to her, and sometimes, she wishes someone would just take the lead and leave her in the background.

Kiss you, kiss me
- Rating: T for Teen; semi-explicit sexual references
- Description: Maya's tired of Phoenix's half-assed attempts at stating he loves her. So tonight she's taking matters in her own hands!

Because you're here, with me
- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: Zak Gramarye has disappeared. And with him, all traces leading to anyone who could potentially take care of his daughter responsibly, at least from her point of view. It's only logical that she turns to the only logical person who could help her: the nice man in blue defending her father in court... Until what they felt for each other changed, from mere responsibility to the inconditional love of a true father.

Of pain, fear, love and tears
- Rating: T for Teen; swearing and violence
- Description: It's been a horrible day for Phoenix, which has made him very, VERY angry.. And as they say, "fear the nice ones": his patience has finally run out and gone into unthinkable levels... So the only way to let the steam off his system is to succumb to his most primal instincts of violence.

- Rating: M for Mature
- Description: Phoenix had no idea Maya could speak japanese. Incidentally, this turns him on more than he's willing to believe himself...

Explanations and translations behind the "BECAUSE IT SOUNDS SEXY" story
- Rating: Not Applicable
- Description: Explanations, translations and sample links regarding the japanese text used in the "BECAUSE IT SOUNDS SEXY" story.

Fatherly Love
- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: Trucy's down in bed with a cold, and Phoenix spends one of those half-sleepless nights taking care of her. He showers her with all the love a father can muster, and she, in turn, answers in kind. Lots of family fluff ensue.

Flower Steal
- Rating: T for Teen; mild sexual references
- Description: Basically, a retelling of the story depicted in this doujin manga, with the unspoken details of what happened between pages five and six.

Dear Diary: Love, Maya
- Rating: E for Everyone; very mild sexual references
- Description: "Dear Diary: It's been two years since the Hazakura incident. Here's how everything has been developing in my life. Love, Maya."

Of Spikes And Devil Horns, or How Even A Phoenix May Cry
- Rating: T for Teen; mild sexual references, mild violence
- Description: Phoenix get an emergency call from Kurain: Maya's in danger. Kristoph being in jail, he can't imagine what must have happened, and grows into a controlled frenzy of anger that turns him into the very incarnation of a demon roaming the earth.

Of Artistic Muses and Bashful Demises, or How Art Seductions and Seductive Artists Relate Themselves
- Rating: T for Teen; artistic nudity, mild sexual references
- Description: Phoenix has finally dealt the last blow to Kristoph Gavin, and, his mission accomplished, finds himself entirely at a loss of what to do next. Seeing his protegé's client, Vera Misham, makes him think about getting back into the graphical arts he left to become a defense attorney.

Zoo time!
- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: Wright and Co. Law Offices hasn't gotten a profitable case in a good while... Which, to everyone's surprise, turns him quite cranky and bad-tempered. Pearl and Maya decide to do everything in their power to cheer him up, to great success, much family love and a few surprises.

The true beauty of Snow
- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: A few days after the Hazakura incident, Maya is still very shaken up about everything that's happened. Phoenix comes to visit at Pearl's request, and finds Maya completely broken down. He takes it as a personal mission to show her that even if some things do look grim in life sometimes, there are also others that make life worth living.

Empty Hands
- Rating: T for Teen; mild sexual references
- Description: It's been a few months since Phoenix's last visit to Fey Manor, and following his heart's deepest wish, he's finally gotten married with Maya. However, somehow, he's still not sure this was the right move. It's going to take all of Maya's wits and dedication to him to get him out of this train of thought.

From Nick, to Maya
- Rating: E for Everyone
- Description: Phoenix spends a few days at the Fey Manor after the Jury Trial test run, and unable to properly express his feelings in conversation, leaves a letter hidden for Maya and her fate to find.

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